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Terraria Tips

Terraria Tips

Discover 100% working terraria tips, vitamins terraria tips and tricks, terraria cheats, terraria hacks. Find terraria tips and tricks for beginners.

Terraria Tips:

We list some basic tips,

1- Cut down all the trees that you see in your spawn zone.
2- Create a house with the wood of at least 6 tall and 10 long.
3- Create a work table and make wooden walls and cover the background with them.
4- Create a chair and a door and place them in the house.
5- Create a long wooden sword, it is much better than the one you bring by default.
6- Kill some slimes to get slime and create torches, put some in the house.
7 – The guide NPC that appears with you will go to live in the house you created, so try not to have obstacles between the NPC and the house, although if you move away from it will teleport inside. Terraria Free Download For PC
8- The guide has an option that lets you know that you can create with each object and that you need, very useful at the beginning.
9- Make more rooms for other NPC that will appear when you meet the requirements, for example, the merchant when you have a gold coin, the dyes, when you have a yellow flower, berry or a similar item to make dyes.
10- If you go out at night, do not stay far from your home, especially at the beginning because you are quite weak. Discover vitamins terraria guide
11- The best things are almost always in the caves, so follow them to find chests and many minerals.
12- Explore the surroundings of your house to see if there are chests and vessels on the surface, what is inside will help you in the beginning.
13- Create an armor, even if it’s made of wood, it’s better than nothing.
14- For more info and look at the Terraria Wiki in Spanish, you will find everything you need.

Pro Tips:

With the Shift you do not need to have the pick or the ax in the bar above, you can leave them in the inventory, and when you press Shift and put the cursor for example on a tree you will get the ax and if you put it in a block your beak will come out. Then with the Control key, you can change the way to chop, this is the normal and the other that you only have to put the courses in one direction and your character will sting all the blocks that are in that way, it is until for example to make tunnels. The H is used as a quick key for life, using any object that heals you from your inventory, the J for potions or mana recovery objects, etc. The best thing is that you look at controls there, everything comes out.

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